MiEditLLFSM (Java editor of logic labelled finite states machines for clfsm)

  1. MiEditLLFSM.jar.gz: The executable (needs java v7).
  2. HowToUse.pdf : The PDF guide on how to use MiEditLLFSM
  3. EPuckLineFollower: : The clfsm machine used in the example of a finite-state machine that control an e-Puck in Webots to follow a line (this needs clfsm, and the MiPal Whiteboard gusimplewhiteboard, the guwebotsbridge)

MiPal clfsm (and basic tools) for ROS-catkin

(recommended Ubuntu 14.04 and Ros-Indigo, recomemnded MacOS Mavericks and Ros-Hydro; others are possible but you are required to use clang comaptible with c++11)
  1. clfsm.tar.bz2 The catkin workspace with sources of clfsm, its library libclfsm, if the MiPal whiteboard is desirable gusimplewhitebaord.
  2. How To Use clfsm with ROS( a PDF document) with 3 logic-labeled finite-state machine examples (script to make catkin packages from the examples
    1. The code(clfsmRosDemoMachines.tar.gz) for the three llfsms used as examples (but really, we recommend you use MiEditLLFSM) before you look at this code.
    2. A ROS package (turtle_sensor_poster.tar.gz) that implements the ROS::service used in the 3rd example machine.
    3. Videos of these machines can be seen at
  3. How To Use gusimplewhiteboard with ROS( a PDF document) with 3 logic-labeled finite-state machine examples
    1. The generator (guwhiteboardtypegenerator.tar.gz )of gusimplewhiteboard types.
    2. The catkin package webots_epuck_nxt_differential_robot (webots_epuck_nxt_differential_robot.tar.gz)and examples used in the "How to Use"
    3. The first machine used in the "How To Use" (ePuckBehavior.tar.gz).
    4. The second machine used in the "How To Use" (FollowLine.tar.gz).
    5. The Makefile for these machines
  4. The C++ driver and the ROS-controllet for LEGO NXT. This allows you to build programs for the birck.
    1. The plain NXT_driver is now provided at github
      1. git clone
    2. The ROS_NXT controller allows to command the LEGO_NXT when built as a differential robots with motors in ports B and C is now also provided at githib
      1. git clone
    3. The documentation that combines the NXTdriver the controller and clfsm is HowToUseNXTdriver.pdf
      1. The example of an llfsm (motorTest.machine.tar.gz)using the robot LegoNXT. The machine (motorTest.machine.tar.gz) and its Makefile.