The analysis of data and information to perform meaningful actions or to derive useful conclusions is a fundamental endeavor in science and society. The lab uses a variety of techniques from artificial intelligence and software engineering for the construction of computer programs that assist in the analysis of large volumes of data. It then applies these techniques to the algorithmic engineering of software on board the robots for challenging problems such as robotic soccer or human-computer interaction through robots (slides that illustrate our approach in PDF).

Projects include:

Robocup Soccer Competition

Robotic soccer is challenging as it constitutes a dynamic environment with incomplete information. It requires collaboration among teams and the integration of many abilities on board of a robot with legs. Computer vision is essential for sensing the environment, but intelligent localization as well as strategy and team work are very important as well as effective and fast motions.

Non monotonic reasoning for requirements engineering of mobile robots.

We aim at describing behaviors in high level artifacts that are directly translated into the robot facilitating development, ensuring traceability of variations and minimizing software faults. This is a software engineering endeavor to enable easy description by humans of the tasks and behaviors of mobile robots.